Judge orders pair who fundraised for homeless man to testify

07 September, 2018, 09:49 | Author: Mable Gonzales
  • They raised $400,000 for a homeless vet. There’s none left to give him, lawyer says.

The attorney for a homeless man fighting a couple in court over the proceeds of a GoFundMe campaign said all the money raised is gone, says local reports.

Jacqueline Promislo, a lawyer representing the homeless USA veteran in his case against Mark D'Amico and Kate McClure, confirmed in an email to the BBC that they were told "the money is all gone" in a conference call on Tuesday.

Of intrigue, appearing on the Megyn Kelly show last week, the couple said they spent $200,000 on Bobbitt in total and that $150,000 was left.

Bobbitt filed a suit against the company for the funds raised for him after Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico, who created the fundraising page, allegedly kept the money from the 35-year-old. He said they denied him access to the funds while spending money on expensive vacations and a new BMW.

One of Bobbitt's three pro bono lawyers said the couple's attorney, Ernest E. Badway, didn't respond to the email requesting the transfer or if the money had been moved over, the Inquirer reported.

As for Bobbitt, the couple said he once burned through $25,000 they gave him in less than two weeks.

Bobbitt's lawyer claims the couple spent almost all the money, but they claim otherwise.

Last month, Dow ordered the couple to wire the remaining funds to a trust for Bobbitt by Friday, and submit an accounting report of the donated money.

Mr Bobbitt's original Good Samaritan deed went viral a year ago when he gave his last $20 to Ms McClure after her vehicle ran out of petrol. She didn't have money to repay him at the time, but sought him out days later to give him the money. The pair made an appearance on "Good Morning America" and were interviewed by BBC News - a feel-good story at the start of the holiday season last fall. Bobbitt, who was struggling with a drug addiction, claimed he only received about $75,000 in cash, goods, and services.

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"You should advise your clients that they are directed by the court to appear", Judge Dow told the couple's attorney, Badway.

Ms McClure created the GoFundMe page for the USA defence force veteran in November after he used his last $20 to purchase petrol for her auto when she was stranded on the freeway.

McClure said recently that her goal was to raise $10,000 to get Bobbitt an apartment and money to cover expenses for up to six months, the Observer previously reported.

Bobbitt's lawyer Chris Fallon explained to CNN, "From what I can see, the GoFundMe account raised $402,000 and GoFundMe charged a fee of approximately $30,000".

"We saw the pattern that was developing. that he was going to do something foolish, and end up right back where he was", D'Amico told Kelly.

I hope Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico get jail time for committing fraud well into the hundreds of thousands.

"We are working with law enforcement officials to ensure Johnny receives all of the funds raised on his behalf", Mr Withorne said.

The gratitude and goodwill between the couple and Bobbitt soured following claims of misappropriation of raised funds at the hands of McClure and D'Amico.

"While we assist law enforcement with their ongoing investigation, GoFundMe is also working with Johnny's legal team to ensure he's receiving support while the remaining funds are being recovered", Whithorne said in a statement, adding that the company gave $20,000 to an account set up by Bobbitt's attorney "to provide assistance" to him during the investigation. He was very successful at a methadone clinic before, she said.



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