Government says no to Google's Street View in India

30 March, 2018, 00:49 | Author: Lynette Payne
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For years, Google has offered the ability to convert text to speech on a number of its services, such as search, Maps and Google Assistant. Google has added support for 39 new languages to Google Maps. To get started with the public beta or try out the new voices, you can visit the Cloud Text-to-Speech website. "We think this is going to be massively disruptive to the call center space", he said, perhaps another way of saying all those call center jobs that went to India and the Philippines may soon vanish themselves. Earlier this month, Google introduced four new features in Google Maps for its India users.

The service is now available for developers to add it in their own applications.

WaveNet synthesises more natural-sounding speech and, on average, produces speech audio that people prefer over other text-to-speech technologies.

Cloud Text-to-Speech offering targets IVR, IoT, and spoken text applications. The countries have benefitted too from its use.

McConnell Seeks To Remove Hemp From Controlled Substances List
McConnell's support is critical to helping us move hemp from research and pilot programs to full commercial production". Much of the agriculture industry has already been lobbying to declassify hemp as a Schedule I controlled substance.

When given text input, the trained WaveNet model generates the corresponding speech waveforms, one sample at a time, achieving higher accuracy than alternative approaches.

"It's the closest thing to human speech than we've seen before", he said.

But even this wasn't the first time Indian leaders had a negative view of mapping tech; all the way back in 2005, former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam expressed discomfort regarding the easy availability of sensitive data on a given location to both regular users and those with more sinister motives, advocating governmental regulation of such information, though not to the degree that was proposed in 2016. It can correctly pronounce complex text such as names, dates, times, and addresses, and allows users to customize the pitch, speaking rate, and volume gain, the post noted. For standard (non-WaveNet) voices, the first 4 million characters are free and then it's $4 per 1 million characters, and for WaveNet voices, the first 1 million characters are free after which it's $16 per 1 million characters. The latter costs more because much more processing power is needed.

Several dozen alpha users have been trying it since November, including Cisco Systems Inc. and Dolphin ONE Communications LLP, which runs the Calll cloud telephony system. In an interview with Business Insider, Akasaka said that Google prioritizes accessibility and inclusion for all in their services, but "it's often facilitated by whether or not there's a legal requirement, or some kind of requirement we need to adhere to".



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A major reason why it might be scraped off is that Facebook has no control over how the data is collected in the first place. They stress that the updates are all about transparency, not about new rights to collect , use, or share data.

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Mr Orengo, on Tuesday, said they pinned the court orders at "conspicuous places", saying no official was present to receive them. I need medical treatment. "I am sick... you can not force me to walk if I can not walk", he is shown as saying.

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Police sealed off the area and began a search for the driver, while the army stepped up security around the barracks, Brulon said. Beltrame intervened during the supermarket siege to take the place of a cashier Lakdim was using as a human shield.

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Uber has marked that it has suspended its autonomous vehicle testing operations indefinitely in Arizona , California, and Toronto. The company stopped all autonomous testing immediately following the accident, and has also let its permit lapse in California.

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Meanwhile, the US will extend a tariff on pickup trucks, which was set to expire in 2021, for an additional two decades. USA officials had said Friday an agreement could be announced in the coming week.

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